Datesort descending Interviewee(s) Interviewer(s)
04/07/2011 Fontaine Banks Sarah Milligan
04/13/2011 Fontaine Banks Sarah Milligan
05/11/2011 Ken Dotson Sarah Milligan, David Buchta
Kentucky Historical Society

50th Anniversary of the Capitol Floral Clock

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Interviewees discuss the history of the creation of the Capitol Floral Clock on the Kentucky Capitol grounds, as well as a general history of the landscaping of the Capitol. These interviews were undertaken as a part of the recognition of the 50th anniversary of the installation of the Capitol Floral Clock in partnership with the KY Division of Historic Properties. Original collection held at Kentucky Historical Society. Access copies available at KHS Authorization must by granted by KHS use or publish by any means the archival material to which KHS holds copyright.